Facebook’s 11 Tips For Best Video Ads 2021


Facebook shares 11 tips for creating better video ads, which are supported by the most recent research into what’s working immediately.

Findings from this research are published during a Facebook-commissioned report on social online video effectiveness.

Video is now the pre-eminent medium for brands to succeed in their customers, Facebook says.

For every dollar invested into social video ads, there’s the potential to drive 39% more sales than static social ads.

The single largest factor affecting the performance of video ads isn’t where they’re placed or who they’re targeting — it’s their creative quality.

On average, Facebook found 70% of the potential ROI from video ads comes from the creative itself, while the remaining 30% is driven by the executional elements.

To help marketers improve what’s likely to drive the foremost sales, Facebook put together 11 tips to steer the creative direction of video ads toward customer action.

11 Ways to enhance Video Ad Creative

Through extensive research and testing, Facebook came up with 11 best practice principles for driving results with video ads.

These principles are separated into Best Practice and Highly Recommended categories.

Best Practices for Video Ads

Facebook’s definition of a best practice is some things that each marketer should aim to realize for each ad they produce.

1. Mobile-first: Use a vertical 4:5 format on Facebook and a square format on Instagram. Ads should be made for the platform where most of the people will view them.

2. Sound off: Video ads should be ready to be viewed, understood, and enjoyed without sound. As Facebook autoplays ads without sound, this is often necessary to capture attention.

3. Showcase product or service: the merchandise or service being sold should be the most focus of the ad. Highlighting something else are often confusing to customers.

4. Single focus: Each video ad should communicate a transparent and single message. Avoid squeezing multiple messages into one ad.

5. Highlight your brand: The creative’s branding and message should appear near the beginning of the video. this is often said to assist with retention.

6. Get to the point: Having the ad’s message upfront makes it easier for consumers to urge the key details. If the message is later within the video, the knowledge could also be missed.

7. Use Movement: Having movement or fast edits at the beginning of a billboard can capture consumers’ attention and make it more likely for them to observe the entire video.

Highly Recommended Video Ad Practices

Highly recommended principles can enhance the standard of ad creativity, but they’re not 100% necessary for all ads.

Marketers should a minimum of attempt to experiment with these factors, Facebook says.

8. Say less: Ads should be succinct in their messaging. a billboard that’s short and succinct is probably going to be simpler than an extended one.

9. Non-traditional storytelling: Because consumers often view only a fraction of video ads, try employing a storytelling arc that starts with a bang before concluding shortly afterward.

10. Keep their interest: Including more peaks within the story via twists and surprises can hold viewers’ attention until the top.

11. Visual interest: Include bright colors and shut-ups of any details or features. Given the dimensions of a mobile screen, close-ups can more effectively show and communicate the merchandise or service.


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